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This can be a very interesting post ever in my blog.

Speech Recognition is a feature already available in windows vista and is now in full blast in windows 7, the most talked OS online and offline. So how do Speech Recognition and Voice Commands work? As i did my report in Management and Information System, i learned a lot in the field of Artificial Intelligence most especially its most used subfield in business, the Expert Systems. But as of now, what captured my interest is the other subfield of AI, the NLP or Natural Language Processing in which Speech Recognition and Voice Commands are part of. Truly, technology is getting more and more complicated and oops!, of course, useful.

What is Natural Language Processing? This is a process in which human language will serve as input to NLP programs and translate it into a standard set of statements that a computer can execute. And one of most promising product of which is the Speech Recognition and Voice Commands of Microsoft Windows 7.

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And now, let us tackle more on the voice commands. But first, you need to have a high-quality microphone and i believe Microsoft recommends a USB headset model for wise and best performance. After then, we can start commanding our computer with some of below guides, words and/or phrase with their corresponding actions and outcome.

"Start" - Windows Speech Recognition will open and display the START menu
"All Programs" - Of course, this will display all programs installed in the system and after then, you may continue working with that specified program
"open (program)" - this command is applicable only if you already know the specified program and for that, you may skip that navigation part. Example of this is "OPEN MSPAINT"
"File", "Open" - this is applicable only to windows which has menus available
"Show Numbers" - windows speech recognition tags every clickable object with a number in your screen
"Click" or "Double Click" + NUMBER - this will accomplish the command

With individual Windows, you can work with:
"maximize" , "minimize" , "close" followed by the name of the program
To minimize all programs opened say "Show desktop"

These are some of the common Voice commands available in windows 7. I bet i now have 1 reason to grab that Operating System. What ya think?

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  1. eilrach says:

    nice..... ^_^ windows really did a great job on this...

  2. McCoolot says:

    yays! this is what they're talking about.. haha.. I heard convergys windows 7 agents will be deployed on monday...

  3. thanks for dropping by on my blog.. ^_^
    im planning to buy windows 7 next month.. not now, haha.. since i have xp pro and vista, ill try naman the 7 edition kung okay.

  4. what happen if there are more than 2 users in 1 pc? Is this new technology from Microsoft ready for shared PC's

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant web site, I hadn't noticed before during my searches!
    Continue the good work!

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