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Congratulations to our top 10 Best Cebu Blogs of 2009!

Our judges from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao did very well in their tasks and the organizer would like to extend his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the three pinoy bloggers judges namely: Jehzeel Laurente, Nancy Cudis and Ariel Lalisan.

Moreover, the organizer would like to thanks the sponsors who made this online event successful.

Here is the complete list of top 10 Best Cebu Blogs of 2009 with their corresponding ratings (the final average garnered from the summation of the final ratings of each judges divided by three). The ratings or grades are based on the criteria given in the Nomination post.

1. CEBU: Celebrations. Eats. Bargains. Updates | 94.33 %

Jehzeel Laurente's Comment: is a must-read for everyone who wants to know more about Cebu. It contains all the useful and relevant information about festivals, tourist attractions, culture, food, local news and everything you need to know about the Queen City of the South.

2. Hungit Cebu | 91.33 %

3. SoloflightEd | 88.33 %

4. Kevin Ray N. Chua | 88.00 %

5. | Get A Life! | 87.33 %

6. McBilly dot com on Blogging, Technology, and Self Improvement! | 86.67 %

7. PINOYWORLD Philippines | Pinoy Blogger's Official Blog | 86.33 %

8. d'MusicBox | we’re BLARING through your Monitors and Speakers!| 86.00 %

9. Cebu Festivals - The different festivals in Cebu Philippines.| 85.67 %

10. Cebu's Kiatan | Blogging Queen City Philippines CEBU | 85.33 %

For all the winners, please contact me at email: mmonta(at)dostscholars(dot)org to get your certificate and prizes. And please do grab the Best Cebu Blog Badge HERE.

Once again, thank you very much for supporting and checking on the Best cebu Blogs. Looking forward for the top 10 Best Cebu Blogs of 2010. Here are the winners of Best Cebu Blogs of 2008.

31 Responses so far.

  1. richard says:

    wow! mavisit nga mga blog na 'to.. :-)

    i visited some of them: kevin ray chua and ibeejing.. two thumbs up!

    go, cebu bloggers! :-)

  2. bugITs says:

    @thanks bai Richard at nabuhay ka ulit..hahahha

  3. Sandamukal na talaga ang mga promising na Cebuano Bloggers. More power sa inyo! Keep blogging!

  4. Congrats sa tanan nga naka-daog!

  5. miong says:

    wow. congrats atty! congrats to all!

  6. Mikyu says:

    congratz sa mga winners! :D

  7. Beejing says:

    Seriously? Thanks guys!

  8. bugITs says:

    @Louis - thanks sa pagbisita and yah, very promising ang mga Cebu Bloggers..

    @Kevin - congrats bai.. ako lang nya hatag imo certificate sa school

    @miong - thanks Miong...

    @Mikyu - sa sunod dapat ikaw na ang nasa number 1

    @Mark - yep2x, the Judges made the very good decision. Congrats to all!

  9. Jayr says:

    Congrats sa tanang cebuano bloggers..

  10. Ethelbert says:

    Thank you very much for the award. It is such a sweet honor to be recognized especially for those things you have fun doing. Thanks to Cebu Bloggers Society who never fails to inspire me to continue doing the thing that I discovered 4 years ago. I am now looking forward of what can we become for the year/s to come. Again, THANK YOU!

  11. bugITs says:

    @atty in behalf of the judges who are always busy, you are welcome and you deserve the win.

    @master jayr congrats pud!

    @ceburocks thanks a lot for the visit

  12. rabsin_d says:

    CONGRATZ!!! Atty o...powera! Go kiatan!

  13. tianexx says:

    congrats atty and sa tanan included sa top 10....

    Cebu bloggers deserve to be recognized!

  14. bugITs says:

    @rab go Kiatan na atty..heheheh gicombine si guada ug atty..

    @tian yep2x we really need to do dat... all cebu bloggers are outstanding in their own blogs/fields.

  15. tinuod ni???? halah!! thanks sa award!! anything that promotes cebu is a pleasure!!

    mark pwede mo plug? hehehe.. visit sad mo sa about na sa cebu night life. :)


  16. Ed says:

    Thanks a lot for this!

    I appreciate the time and effort that the organizers have done in giving value to blogs that also provide value to its readers with quality content. This brings the community to a new level of media marketing and how we have what it takes to stand on our own.

    This makes me all the more fired up to continue improving in the realm of blogging. It also goes to show that Cebu bloggers are getting there and I'm proud to be part of the evolution.

    Thank you Mark and to the sponsors and contributors. Congrats to the top 10! :)

  17. Kai says:

    weeeeeee! congratulations ebribadi!! :D

  18. fjordz says:

    wow! congrats sa mga bloggers ng Cebu na nakasama sa top 10! galing galing!

  19. Congratulations all the winners!

  20. Cebu says:

    ah jawa ah... congrats to all na na include dire.

  21. Ayel says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! Nagpa-formal awarding ka ba, Mark? :D

  22. Miss AiE says:

    hai po pwede link exchange? :D shoot me an email at kung pwede hehe thank you :)

  23. jehzlau says:

    yay! karon lang ko naka comment diri ah.. congrats sa mga naka daog :D wooot!

  24. Anonymous says:

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  25. Thnx por ang list, bai!

    If you ever feel like it, or have no stuff to do, feel free to visit the sites me and my friends totally recommend on cebu!!!!

    Rock on, broz!!! ;) \m/

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  27. Anonymous says:

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  28. homer says:

    is this blog is still active, i would like to wrote something like this regarding the city...nice post

  29. Karon pako nakavisit imung site bay, Kuyawa diay mga blog sa taga Cebu.

  30. Are they all from Cebu Bloggers Society? How'd you get the ranking for these blogs? Thanks.

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