Posted by : Cebu Blogger Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just early this year, I was able to upgrade my Operating System from Windows Xp to Windows 7. And as of now, I am liking it. But my brother asked me where to get computer drivers? Windows 7 is an OS with drivers already packed in it. But I recommended him to check a certain website for drivers download.

He then seek the internet and firstly download the sound driver for our computer's speaker. It really sounds funny but my brother is so adventurous to computer stuffs. But sometimes he got a point, actually some of the causes of having a PC hang-up or hardware failure is due to outdated or wrong installed drivers.

And if you are reading my post now, you can update all your system drivers in just 2 minutes and that include the windows drivers, wireless drivers, bluetooth drivers, ethernet drivers and so many more.

Thank you to my brother, I now have guidelines for future PC failure and that includes updation of system drivers.

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