Posted by : Cebu Blogger Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This blogsite is maintained by a blogger in the name of Mark Monta. This caters every online opportunity and requests by some marketing personnel. This blog focuses on the technology news and updates category but this time, this entry is dedicated as a sympathy to a certain fellow blogger, Rowena Wendy Lei ,who experienced a disrespect together with her colleague, a blogger too.

A screenshot of Rowena's Post, read full story HERE

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Just my Toughts:

Cebu Bloggers Society was formed two years ago and so far, we haven't receive any disrespect from any of our Marketing contacts here in Cebu and even personnel from Manila. When there is an event, Marketing staff and crew give their all --- they always make sure Bloggers are well entertain and hospitality always occur, in short most of them are very accommodating. They always consider Bloggers as new line of media in cebu but not to the extent that they (Bloggers) will level up with the print and the main stream. And as part of media or plainly as bloggers, they have always been given that Press Kit :)

Bloggers have contributed a lot in terms of online and offline activities, events and others. We have shared a big contribution to the Philippine's tourism market, not to mention the services and product launching of some foreign investors here in the island. Eventhough most of the bloggers ask NO RETURN to the goodness they have done, continually, Bloggers still blog and help.

I hope this incident will make a wake up call to all Marketing personnel, staff, crew and agencies (except to those who are bloggers' friendly) who do not look bloggers as human, all we need is respect.

2 Responses so far.

  1. hayy... hingi magandang experienced yan.

    i think we paminsan minsan dapat nating i-educate ang mga ganyang naghahandle ng mga events.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hello! pls. link our site to your link page. thanks!

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