Posted by : Cebu Blogger Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do you have a bundle of broken mobile phones in your stock room? How about defective handsets and some mobile phone accessories? If you do, get use from it and monetize the unimportant assets. Get more from your mobile, do mobile phone recycling.

Here in the online world, offers mobile phone recycling price comparison site, UK’s number one in regards to the said service. What else they can do? They compare more phone buyers and costumers or users get a guarantee and the most of the money they wanted. How about the comparison process? Will it take long? This site saves each user’s or visitor’s time in comparing the items in their best prices.

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As what I have said, handsets can also be monetized aside from the defective mobile itself. Our old mobile can be used in trading and getting extra cash in just a matter of visiting and with just a click of a mouse, money will come.

The main reasons people sell mobile phone handsets are:

Ø It provides them with some extra cash.

Ø It helps the environment.

Ø It can help to de-clutter your house.

But on the other part, how can buyer or seller earn from those defective units sold? Well, we must always remember that in the end of the day, business will always be business. Thus, businessmen do not invest in such if he/she cannot earn from it. Go, visit and click.

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  1. Really I am very impressed. You provide useful information here. Nice post,Thanks

  2. Great post
    Everyone needs to start recycling more of there electronic waste or there will be more piles of scrap in landfill that could be recycled

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