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I maybe a spammer in a way of spreading news and updates on technology and some other issue or incidents such as the Rue McClanahan death or the Oil Spill in Florida but with this annoying spammer in twitter, I think it's not good.

A screenshot of my Twitter Profile with some status
that i never manually sent

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[Add bugITs from PLURK]
[Subscribe to bugITS - technology news
and updates
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Just this morning when i logged in to twitter to check on the online Sunstar News when I noticed I sent a status via API (on the first place, I didn't do manually) which led me to get a Web Forgery Report by Kaspersky AntiVirus when tried clicking on the link provided by the message. (Please note of the website address)

A Web Forgery Report in Firefox (see the site)

I believed i have signed in to some automatic many followers site and i mistakenly put my twitter account, which give this site an access and give updates via API or Application Programming Interface in the web.

Here are some status made by my Twitter friends,
whom for sure did nothing about this

ACTION DONE: If I were you, and if you are not really sure of that site, then go to your account settings in twitter and immediately change your password. This is what i did and finally, my profile page is in complete silence.

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