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When we say “Mall”, what comes into our mind is SM City Malls. Here in Cebu, SM City Cebu has always been the best when it comes to innovation and trends not just in fashion, foods, leisure, games but so with technology. SM contributed a lot in the lives of their consumers, customers and so with their employees and tenants. Yes, I can tell that for I myself am an avid customer and I have relatives working in some booths and restaurants/food store in SM City Cebu.

But as years passed, people’s way of living changed. Some “wants” were converted to “needs” and some leisure became a job. Newspapers can be read in gadgets like iPad and Amazon Kindle. We did not key in texts using keypads and joysticks, instead it’s a touch world. Laptops and notebooks were getting slimmer and lighter. Gaming has stepped another edge in terms of technology used. With these changes, SM brand was not left behind. SM knows what the best is for us thus, in this wired-world, SM Cyberzone was born.

The SM City Cebu Cyberzone Main entrance

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The Zone

What do we mean when we say Cyber? Commonly, it is connected to cybersex but this idea is definitely wrong. Cyber is a prefix used to coin for “electronic” or computer-related counterparts of a pre-existing product or service. With this, there goes cybergame, cyberworld, cyberchat, cybercaf√©, and cyberspace and now, here came CYBERZONE.

SM Cyberzone is not your ordinary technology and gadget district. It’s an advance location of all techy accessories and computer stuffs starting from a USB storage device, expandable hard disk/drive, phones and gadgets, digital cameras and DSLR, notebooks and laptops and so with Desktop Set and units, Wii, PSP and other gaming gadgets. Cyberzone offers services too, like cellphone loads and telecom service shops like Globe, Smart and Sun. For laptops, each brand or tenants have their own service center thus, every repair and unit check-up can be done and consulted to our designated centers.

Tech-lovers sitting in, i heard them discussing some phone brands

Hassle-Free: The very first contribution of SM Cyberzone, which was built last year 2008, is the hassle-free service or the comfort of comparing products from one store to another. Unlike last year 2007 and below, we used to go and check on our liked phones from ground floor up to the third floor and take note, this is from one booth to another. But now, there would be no leg pain anymore, SM Cyberzone gathers all IT sellers and this means, sellers of different gadgets and technology-related stuffs. With this feature, customers can easily compare and equate their budget and feature of their hearted-devices.

High-end Brands: SM Cyberzone was allocated for ICT-related products and services. Let us start from notebook, laptop and computer set shops like Apple's I-Store, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Neo, Lenovo, Asus and MSi; for Printer and Camera related booths are Sony and Canon; we also have for phones and gadgets like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, Aerophone; we got gaming zones like I-Tech, Digital Walker, Memoxpress, Game Gizmo; and lastly, are shops which offers all-in-one system such as MicroCADD, , Electroworld, Airtouch, Thinking Tools, Save N’ Earn, NGenius IT Hub, DataBlitz, CD-R King, Silicon Valley and Octagon.

A shot from two ladies browsing their facebook at the zone

Mall Wide Free Wi-fi: With this offering, all tech-lovers can lounge in the SM Cyberzone well designed seats and enjoy browsing the net, do some facebook games and stuffs and download some important files for school, work and leisure. This free wi-fi connection is available in the entire mall but if you want to feel at ease, browsing in the net can be more than a good experience when done at the Cyberzone.

Got a shoot with this little girl fondly playing with this iPhone like structure in the entrance

Techvironment: If we are to notice, SM Cyberzone is intentionally made with style and technology touch to its environment, thus I called it techvironment. Well ventilated shops and passage ways, the lights that play our eyes all the way, plus this electronic advertiser stuff structured to the likeness of an apple’s iPhone --- Your stress will surely be gone.

The Fest

May 25, 2010 – Cebu, Philippines : Cebu Bloggers Society members were luckily invited to join, experience and enjoy the SM Cyberzone Summer Festival 2010 at SM City Cebu ground floor. The event was attended by more or less 20 Cebu bloggers who are technology bloggers. There are different booths offered during the activity. We have the gaming Station, Photo Booth, Booth of Luck and Upload express station.

Above: Co-CBS blogger, Guada and Rabsin listing their name in the registration booth
Below: A customer who took long in registering his/her name. :)

Booth of Luck: I patiently lined up to this booth with a strong feeling of winning some freebies. And I got it, I won an E-games CD featuring RAN online, Cabal ad Nostale. And the Summer Festival excitement started here.

An active boy playing Wii of Nintendo

Gaming Station: I enjoyed watching people of different ages playing the Wii
Photo Booth and Wall: This section is the most visited part for Bloggers. Bloggers cannot be satisfied in every event if they cannot shoot and pause for a picture taking. And during the fest, Cebu bloggers were camwhores and we love it.

Above: Jab of browsing her website
Below: Still Jab browsing my tech blog,

Upload Express Station: Now, next to Photowall is the printing booth. Thanks to Sinjin, my co-cbs blogger, for the upload and print of my solo picture at the Photowall. I so love the output of Epson Picture printer.

This little couple is playing with MSi laptops, actually they are watching Youtube videos

SM City Cyberzone Summer Festival aims not just to market the products but to show to the customers that even in this zone, we can feel at ease, there’s relaxing and feel at home.

The Cyberience

As a tech blogger, SM City Cebu Cyberzone gave me an unforgettable experience (cyberience) and has been a part of my blogging life. It is here where I bought all my gadgets used in blogging. Since I always so particular with price and quality, Cyberzone helped me to make things easier and with comfort. Second to Bench and Penshoppe stores, Cyberzone provides information and new ideas to tech-lovers like me.

I got a visit in MSi service Center, Left: I got a nice shot of my baby with the center at the background while
(Right) saw my tukayo (same name) repairing an MSi notebook.

My MSi: I bought my MSi U210 Light in MSi store which is located in Cyberzone. I’ve been using this notebook to browse updates and news for technology part. And when I am at SM, I always brought this baby of mine.

My friend, Blair ( got this shot during our Church visit
at Bogo, Cebu where I tried to take a picture of my nephew

My Aiptek Cam: In the same location and zone, I purchased my Aiptek Camera. This gadget has always been with me for months already and contributed in taking picture for my blog entries and posts.

SM City Cyberzone contributes and helps a lot in every cyber acts of youngsters and trendy people. Truly, in SM Cyberzone, I.T.s all here!

19 Responses so far.

  1. Neil says:

    It was a great idea for SM to finally group those IT shops into one convenient place. I agree. It is more convenient for the costumers for comparing product prices. No more walking great distances from one computer store to another. I remember myself lugging my old heavy CPU up four floors to the Rhine store for repairs a few years back. *shudders*

    Anyways, great site! Very informative. I'll be visiting more often for updates from the techie world. :) Keep up the good work, Mark!

  2. bugITs says:

    @neil thanks for the comment.

    Definitely, that is the first contribution of Cyberzone to the tech-lovers out there.

  3. I was supposed to be there... First to be informed, but always find excuses... LOL...

  4. vany_2148 says:

    If you are a gadget lover Cyberzone is a right place to go..It is where I bought my laptop too..

  5. bugITs says:

    @Bert you should have attend it. :)

    @van definitely, thanks for the visit and comment

  6. jude says:

    hmmm... Ill try to check it out myself.... and see whats new...^_^ .. where exactly at SM is CYBERZONE??

  7. bugITs says:

    @jude SM Cyberzone is located somewhere in Northwing just near or above the SM ENtertainment Plaza (2nd floor)

  8. mark says:

    ngay!! nice... wew... dugay na jud ko wala ka sulod sa cyber zone... hehehe... ang posting nice description good BUT.. wala ang specs sa ideapad and laptops....T_T.. ibutang sad ang mga specs para mapawow sad jud mi.. hehehe... peace ngay!! akong timex watch asa naman? hehehe... ayo2 ngay... aim high!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I'm really not a fan of gadgets or something but I had fun reading this blog..Very Informative! Thumbs Up!

  10. bugITs says:

    @ngay thanks for the visit. you must also visit cyberzone.. latest gadgets are available.. :)

    @master jan you must be ready for the technology world soon.. heheh

  11. Blair says:

    Mark daug naka mark weee ako nato imo

    MSI nya inig kadaug nimo hap hehehe

    thanks daan ^^

  12. bugITs says:

    @mondo thanks for appreciation

    @blair adik! layo rana sa kay sinjin..heheh

  13. Rox says:

    Hehe! Diri pud ko nakapalit sa akong camera og ganahan gyud ko motambay dinhi kay I am eyeing for a laptop lol. nangeta kog barato.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am glad you said that.

    Kindest Regards,

  15. Anonymous says:

    hi what's the number of SM or AYALA branch?...

  16. like your post! :-)
    by the way, mark, you have an idea where i can get a Kindle 3G+WiFi in Cebu? or do i have to order it sa gawas pa? hoping for your insight... email me at Thanks! i would appreciate your help.

  17. xLEGENDSx says:

    Hey guys, I just bought this CoD: Black Ops and the next day, I received another CoD: Black Ops from a friend. So I was thinking that maybe anyone would like to buy my extra CoD: Black Ops, It's still un-opened. It's only 2.2K OR you may want to trade-in with your Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood it would be fine by me. If anyone could help me out, it would be great. Contact me at

    Thanks a lot.

    BTW, I love going around Cyberzone, so much cool stuff.. :)

  18. Anonymous says:


    where could i specifically buy a KINDLE? thanks po..

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