Posted by : Cebu Blogger Saturday, July 24, 2010

Correct, with its 500 million users around the world, Facebook, the number one and ultimate social site ever created, marked half a billion of users. If Facebook is a country, it will be the third largest country next to China and India.

A screenshot of my personal blog, EUTS fan page in Facebook

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Even my sister, who is not into technology and stuffs, when she rushed to an internet cafe, she then clicked Mozilla Firefox and typed in in the URL address. So funny that my neighbors aging from nine years old to twelve, definitely knows how to browse facebook features and of course, its online games.

Users share more than thoughts, tagging friends with their created or designed stuffs, discussing on some important matters in their email and commonly, chatting in each friend's wall or status. In this way, Facebook is shaping the future of online communication. Take note, President Barack Obama won the Presidential race not just with the offline campaigns but he was credited with creation of his account and fan page in Facebook during his 2008 campaign. The same happen to our very own P-Noy or President Noynoy in the Philippines.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, said, "People have really gotten connected, not only sharing more information and different kinds but being more open and with more people. and that social norm is just something that's changed over time."

In this success, I just hope Facebook will mold its site into a better and friendlier platform and please focus on pornography filtering!

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  1. rd sean says:

    pornography filtering?! are you really that tanom? lols.. just kidding aside.

    I am part of that country too :P

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