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The third installation of IMAX theater in the country was proudly done at SM City Cebu Theater as it opened last July 9, 2010 featuring the most viewed movie of the decade defeating Titanic in Gross Income, Avatar. This 450-seaters theater offers more than a 3D experience. With its projection technology, movie goers will experience crystal clear images and videos with a roaring powerful sound or audio system surrounding the place and a maximize view by the use of the 3d glass.

The EUTS author enjoying Under The Sea Documentary Movie with IMAX 3D

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To create the illusion of three-dimensional depth, the IMAX 3D process uses two camera lenses to represent the left and right eyes. The two lenses are separated by an interocular distance of 64 mm (2.5 in), the average distance between a human's eyes. By recording on two separate rolls of film for the left and right eyes, and then projecting them simultaneously, viewers experience seeing a 3D image on a 2D screen. The IMAX 3D camera is cumbersome, weighing over 113 kg (250 lb). This makes it difficult to film on-location documentaries.

Cebu Bloggers Society pipz (Debbie, Jorich, Me and Mark) with Sharon Yu of SM.

Tentative IMAX - Cebu Cinema 4 Schedule for 2010

July 9-14 --Avatar (James Cameron Movie)
July 15 -- Inception 2D (Full IMAX Screen)
August 4 -- Hubble 3D
Sept. 25 -- Legends of the Guardian 3D
Nov. 18 -- Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows 2D
Jan. 08, 2010 -- Tron Legacy 3D

Here in SM City Cebu, the theatre price ranges from 300 to 400 PHP.

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