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After launching its Call Phones from Gmail feature, Google, the number one search engine site launched Thursday their so called Google Realtime.

Google Realtime (

In this feature, users can search on the most talked topic on social sites (Facebook, MySpace and Twitter), news articles and most of all in blog posts. This realtime saerch (from the name itself) lets you see up-to-the-second social updates in the new Realtime homepage. Moreover, user can refine realtime results by location, time, Month/Year or more.

A sample query for keywords "cebu bloggers"

[Follow bugITs in Twitter]
[Add bugITs from PLURK]
[Subscribe to bugITS - technology news
and updates
[Subscribe to EUTS: Everything Under the Sun]

After this search, you can create a Google alerts ( to keep track and be updated with your created query and deliver the result to your email.

A screenshot of a Google Alert of search "cebu bloggers"

For blogger's perspective, this Realtime search is definitely a counter offer to competitor, Bing with its Bing Social.

Bing Social (

Unlike Google Realtime, which traditionally starts off with a blank page letting the user to type in their wanted searched keys, Bing Social displays the hot trends in the net. In addition, you can choose two sources of your results from Twitter and Facebook unlike Google which only has the UPDATES selected.

No result display of search keys "cebu bloggers" in Bing Social

As expected, Bing Social did not display search results from blogger's sites or tweets. This is already observed by a number of bloggers and concluded a reason why Bing did not surpass Google in search engine market.

For now, Yahoo, another search engine site, did not offer anything that is related to the two features above. Which is the best for you? Try it now!

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  1. Enrico says:

    For sure, it would be google.. nice page, we have same template :)

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