Posted by : Cebu Blogger Monday, August 30, 2010

The website of the Philippine Information Agency or PIA was hacked Sunday afternoon with Chinese Flag above center as the home page with the words “Hacked by 7z1" and “Black Matrix team" could be seen in the government website as of 4:40 p.m. By 7:00 PM, the site was then fixed.

A screenshot of PIA site during the hacking period, source:

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The hacking incident came a week after the Hostage taking of HK people which brought 8 killed people.

Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said tighter Internet security measures are already in place to ensure the protection of websites of PIA and other government agencies from cyber attacks.

I just hope this is not related to the Hostage taking and I hope hackers are not filipinos, because if they are, then they are irresponsible.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow nice...

    hahaha sucks to PIA..

    poor them..
    their security were fucked up real good.. >_<


  2. Ice9web says:

    Ano platform sa site na hack?

  3. 6y0 says:

    is the pia website programmer has been educated in progaramming? LoL they has been hacked by SQL INJECTION!!! LOL even noobs can do that, using hajiv! ahaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    C MArk M. yata ang programmer ng PIA..hahaha

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