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After two years, I’ve been engaged to almost 2-3 Cellphones or mobile phones already. And why is that? Man usually changes their gadget most especially when new release of mobile unit is on the market and of course, when you really need to update your mobile phone to the latest trend. But what happen to the old ones?

Phone recycling for cash, a solution that not just give you opportunity to earn and gain additional income but at the same time help uplift the dying Mother Nature to its recovery stage. But how? Mobile Phones have lots of parts in them. Let us say if you have old phone which is having a problem with the LCD or keypad or with the battery, note that the other parts or components of the phone like integrated circuits, keyboards, LCDs microphones, screws, and speakers are reusable. There is a metal like part of the mobile phone which can be engineered and would come up to a stylish accessories or jewelries. In this way, instead of throwing those components or parts of the mobile phones which can harm the environment, we contribute to a Greener perspective and help restore Mother Earth.

Basically, the 3 R’s principle is the key idea of this move. The Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Helping our Nature by trading our old phones for cash is not that bad. Simply because, at the same time, we need to draw a line between the Green environment and their harmful factors and this step is the best idea to cooperate and participate in saving Life.

So what are we waiting for? Save Mother Earth, do phone recycling for cash.

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  1. Nonoy says:

    Lovely blog. I also blog about Cebu and I have another blog about iPhone and iPod apps. Hope we could exchange links. Cheers!;-)

  2. Nonoy says:

    I've visited and I have to familiarize yet how to sell my old cellphones. I have two old cellphones that are still functioning but have defects already and damages. I'm thinking about selling them to save our Mother earth.

    Great post! Cheers!;-

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