Posted by : Cebu Blogger Sunday, October 24, 2010

Microsoft is excited with its another pride, the Kinect. It is an Xbox 360 add-on that allow kids, men and women in all ages without using remote or controller. It is just a slim black bar located near a Television which detects movements and hand gestures of players. Furthermore, voice commands can control games, movies and music on this gadget.

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It is scheduled to be available by November 4 while it will be launched on November 10 in Europe, November 18 in Australia and in the 20th in Japan.

Microsoft Kinect comes in two prices, if you plan to buy the standalone product, it will just cost you $149.99 while a bundle that includes an Xbox 360 250GB and the game Kinect Adventures is priced $399.99. Lots of games are cooked in the gadget. Just last week, Microsoft revealed 17 Kinect-enabled games which includes Kinect Joy Ride, Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and many more.

"For me it is a big, big deal," Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer said in a New York Times story. "There's nothing like it on the market."

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