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It's official, is the "Most expensive Internet address domain name" according to Guinness World Records.

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Domain History: founder, Gary Kremen is the original owner of

Escom LLC used to own the domain name which cost them to buy it for $11.5 million last year 2006.

Escom declared bankruptcy in early 2010 which gave way to an auction and hired as a marketplace to find potentoal bidders.

Clover holdings got the bid last November for $13 million but failed to populate the site since it is more on links repository which links other links or personal ads, live sex cams, escort services, celebrity scandals, sexy celebrities, and everything or every words associated with the word SEX.

On the side note, PETA tried to own the domain. They write a ltter with the novel suggestion of Escom donating the site to the animal rights group to use for its sexy veggies campaign.

Source: MSN.Com

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