Posted by : Cebu Blogger Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be aware and beware! Today, April 1, 2011 - Friday is April Fools' Day. Practical jokes and hoaxes are rampant today until the end of the day. If you will notice, most of these foolish jokes are posted in your friends' facebook wall. Jokes which are meant to be jokes but some of us tend to treat it seriously because we did not know what is celebrated today, simply because it is not religiously celebrated by all.

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Well-known pranks scattered everywhere, by radio, newspapers, tv programs, game shows, internet sites, blogs and today - social media sites. Some of them entertained us but most of which pissed and made us worried.

Just a quote from the last paragraph of yesterday's Editorial article of Manila Bulletin:

"While there are many who would just have a good laugh after discovering that they were duped, pranksters should be cautious when choosing their unsuspecting victims to avoid turning an otherwise fun activity into something sour that could ruin relationships. Let us make sure to avoid subjecting someone to something that we ourselves would not want to be subjected to."

Have a safe April Fools' Day - don't be fooled!

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