Posted by : Cebu Blogger Monday, November 7, 2011

As expected, Google announced on Monday the PAGES feature in their own version of Facebook, the Google Plus (+). In this move, it gives opportunity to brands, organizations and other business outfits to join and interact with their customers who are currently using the social network site.

If you are now in your Google Plus Profile, in your homepage, there is a Create a Google + Page icon located in the bottom right of the page.

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Simply follow its instructions and make sure to choose the right category that represents the page.

There are some pages already built for launch, some of which are All American Rejects Band, popular Android Game Angry Birds and Japanes Car Toyota. Here in Cebu, the Entertainment and Cebu News/Updates Site is also been built.

Looking forward, Google will be implementing a feature called "Direct Connect.". This feature takes you directly to a certain Google Plus page if you are doing a research.Direct Connect is also being rolled out incrementally, thus, it doesn't yet work for all pages.

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