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Honestly, I am a super fan of Facebook due to its features , from messaging, security and of course it’s chat! And just recently, Facebook Chat went way better than yesterday when developers embedded our Facebook friends’ profile picture or thumbnail in our very own chat. Yes, we can actually put a thumbnail of our friends’ profile picture during a chat session.

Here’s how:

  1.   Initiate a Chat to a friend.
  2. During your chat session, when you want to show a thumbnail of a certain friend, just get your friend’s profile id or name (example, my facebook URL is , so take the word bugits – this is the Profile ID)
  3.  Now copy the profile id or name and paste it inside double brackets. Example is [[bugits]]
  4. You can now see your friend’s profile picture’s thumnail in chat. This can also be applied to Facebook Pages.

What do you think about this new gimmick? Speak up in below comment box ^_^

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