Posted by : Cebu Blogger Monday, February 20, 2012

Have you tried and finished Angry Birds Seasons and Rio versions? What were your experiences and what were the exciting moments you had? Well, on March 22, 2012 those excitements will level-up not just above the clouds but beyond the outerspace as Angry Birds will launch its Space version.

For sure, gamers will expect new features from this new variation from Rovio, creator of Angry Bird. So what are these? Basically, this time birds will be used to hit pigs or maybe new monsters to be added from the outer space - maybe aliens? Since it is played at the outer space, the gameplay setting would surely looks like the a location outside the Earth's atmosphere with some meteors or creations related outside. Some elements are also present like the slow-motion puzzles and lightspeed destruction.

 These are just some of the features that may become available on Angry Brids Space. Check below trailer for details.


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