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Jeremy Shu-How Lin or commonly known as Jeremy Lin, the much talked NBA player got his Timeline-enabled facebook profile on Monday morning. Basically, Jeremy Lin is already in Facebook since August via his official Fan Page which is maintained by the basketball superstar himself. Aside from those Pages created by his fans, his official page (as of this writing) got 915,073 LIKES, less than a thousand for a Million Likes.

Jeremy Lin's Facebook Profile Screenshot

Back to his Facebook Profile, the New York Knicks’ star point guard has garnered about 7,000 subscribers in 12 hours. By clicking on Subscribe button, fans can get more than an update they want want from Jeremy himself. The Knicks star who came from Harvard University, same with Mark Zuckerberg has been a trend in Twitter and dominated the topics in Facebook and other blogs around the net when his team won six straight games during a one-week span.

Photo Credit: Natheniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

 According to report, Traffic to website has spiked 550% since Jeremy's arrival to the team.

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