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Design Patterns Seminar is set to be held on June 23, 2012 at the Golden Prince Hotel, Cebu City by Centerus, Inc., a software engineering company from Washington State, USA. This one-day seminar is scheduled from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and aims to help software design engineers in the Philippines improve their efficiency and productivity in programming at least threefold.

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Object-oriented programming skills are in high demand worldwide, despite the economic downturn,” said Carlos Tapang, Centerus, Inc. president and speaker at the upcoming seminar.

Programmers in Cebu and the Philippines already possess very good programming skills.  Most of them have learned the rudiments of object-oriented programming in college. However, what you learn in college is never enough, and object-oriented programming presents a steep learning curve to most software developers.

This seminar is designed for developers to internalize a few design patterns in a single day.  I believe Design Pattern skills are crucial to one’s career in programming.”

Design Patterns are pre-determined patterns that have been found to result in more modifiable designs, making them easier to maintain and comply with ever-changing requirements.

Design Patterns represent a watershed in software engineering,” Tapang explained.  “Until now, even with object-oriented programming, software systems built using traditional design principles are ‘brittle’ - prone to fail if changed.  We will be discussing some of these patterns, how these patterns came about, and how to master them.

The Design Patterns seminar will cover the following topics:  what design patterns are; the vocabulary of design patterns; differences between good and bad design through specific design examples; useful creational patterns; useful structural patterns; useful behavioral patterns; threading and concurrent patterns.

The seminar is intended for software design engineers and programmers familiar with object-oriented programming, and will equally benefit freelancers and corporate employees.

We are also inviting software engineers and programmers to send us their design problems in advance.  We plan to tackle some of their actual problems during the seminar, so that everyone can relate to the concepts being discussed,” Tapang continued.

Seminar fee starts at P2,950.00 and can go as low as P2,400.00 for group registrations.  Rates already include seminar materials, buffet lunch, morning and afternoon snacks.

About Centerus

Centerus, Inc. is a Washington State corporation that also works with Filipino software engineers for its offshore outsourcing projects.
Carlos Tapang, the resource speaker for this seminar, is the president of Centerus, Inc.  He has gained both depth and breadth of experience in software design engineering. He has worked for large companies in the USA (namely Intel and Microsoft), and has done extensive consulting work for startup companies.
For more details, visit or call 3472987.

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