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iPhone and Android are household names these days and it just shows how much we use and enjoy our smartphones. Being able to find out anything from the internet instantly is a fantastic tool that allows people to solve problems that used to cause problems. For example pulling up a map and navigating to a train station, and then being able to also find out all the train times without much effort makes the modern smartphone so useful. But we can’t use them for everything; their screens are just that bit too small for watching programs and films on for a long time and often when trying to write something bigger than a text the keyboard takes up too much room so you can’t read what you have already written. This is where tablets come in; they are larger than phones, generally around 10 inches, but work in much the same way with multi touch screens and only a few real buttons. But why would you want one of these over a smartphone and PC?

Smartphones are mobile and PCs are powerful but neither can do the others jobs, but the invention of the tablet has changed that. It bridges the gap between the two letting you get work done while on the move and also entertain yourself when relaxing, perhaps with a round of Angry Birds or with a few casino games. Instead of a bulky laptop many people choose to take a tablet around with them. This lets people complete emails and documents such as presentations while on the train without needing all the space of a laptop, not to mention being able to play games in a limited space – a large touch screen makes gaming much easier, and you don’t need all the extra elbow room. Then when they get home after work they can also use their tablet for more slots gaming on sites like or other entertainment with many different apps such as the movie streaming app from Netflix or any of the millions available. As well as this tablets can surf the web just as well as any PC, and with built in HTML5 support you can also play the in browser games found at online casino sites.

It’s easy to see why you might want a tablet, but make sure you research which tablet would be right for your needs.

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