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If you are busy as a bee then definitely you don’t have time rushing to the Bill Section and pay your monthly due. Good thing VECO or Visayan Electric Co., Inc. signed a deal or memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) last first quarter of this year and guess what? You can now pay your VECO bill via BPI Express Online or for individual accounts (Customers) and for Corporate, they can pay electricity bill at

So how to pay VECO Bill via BPI Express Online?

Step 1: Log-in to your BPI Express Online account. From the Main Menu, select:  Payments & Reloading -> Bills Payment -> Enroll All Other Bills

Step 2: Fill out the enrollment form by providing the required information.

  •      Select ATM Card where the Merchant will be enrolled under.
  •      Choose Visayan Electric Company from the List of Merchants under Company Name.
  •      Input your Visayan Electric Company Account number in the Reference Number field.
  •      Once completed, press submit.

     A confirmation page appears after a successful merchant enrollment. This serves as the reference of your transaction.

*You can pay for your bill immediately after enrollment!

Step 1: Go to:    Payments & Reloading tab and select Bills Payment -> Pay Bills Today

Step 2: Input the necessary information on the merchant to be paid:
  •      Choose your Visayan Electric Company account from the list of enrolled Bills.
  •      Enter the amount to be paid
  •      Choose Source Account where payment will be debited from.
Please wait for the payment confirmation page to appear. This will serve as the reference of your transaction.You may also view your transactions for the day through your My Portfolio > Account Details page.

Payments are automatically deducted from your account real time.

Photos and Guideline Credits: MYBPIMAG

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