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Khalil Shreateh, a Palestinian IT Graduate and a white hacker reported to Facebook on the discovered vulnerability that the Social Media site is having - allowed an attacker to post anything on anyone's wall eventhough the attacker is not in your friends' list. But Facebook's security team didn't do something about the issue thus, Khalil posted a demo to Facebook's Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg's Wall (see below image)

This White hacker Khalil explained everything in his blog post which he submitted a full definition and description of the bug but when he submitted it, he got an email , "I am sorry this is not a bug." He even made a follow-up proof to the Facebook Security Feedback Page in which researchers can win rewards of at least $500 for finding significant vulnerabilities.

Khalil Shreateh, photo from his facebook page
But due to the desperate move of Khalil, his official account was disabled by Facebook. Reason? Demonstrating or publishing the vulnerability constitutes a violation of Facebook's terms of service. And worst, he won't be paid under Facebook's bug campaign.

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