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Hector Hernandez, a High school student pawned his parent's jewelry worth $100,000 in just $1,500 to pay Blackmailers who allegedly hacked his computer at home and took a video of him in an 'embarrassing' situation. The said Hackers who reportedly situated in the Philippines, threatened this 17-year old student of Detroit, Michigan to leak the said video to his family, friends and his school if he won't send the said amount.

Hector Hernandez in Fox News Interview
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Western Union receipt in which the money was wired to the Philippines

Hector didn't have the idea about and what's is the content of the video until when the said Hackers contacted him in Social Media Site, Facebook. "I was scared I didn't know what to do," he said. "I didn't want my parents to find out what I did and I feel terrible about it." Hector in a Dailymail report.

The first blackmail letter from a certain Eric C. Babad demanding for  $1,100
The second blackmail letter from a certain Jenna Simpson which demands another amount of money

The third blackmail letter from a name Rocky Chic

His mother is so disappointed of what Hector did and she is trying to get the jewelry back from the pawnshop.

Photos Credit: Fox 2 News

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