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First of all, Happy New Year to everybody and guess what? Facebook, the number one Social Media site, is back with it's infamous The Number Game or is it only in Philippines region? As far as we recall, this started last 2010 (December 8) which reached 1,000 users in less than 20 hours and now, Filipinos brought the Meme back just in time for the New Year.

Facebook Logo Credit: TimesUnion

But is it annoying or interesting? For some, they call this meme "stupid". But others said, "it's interesting" and in such way, they can give some interesting and cute messages to that dedicated Facebook user. So what are the rules? Simple!

1. Put a status that you are UP for Number Game and ask them a unique number or pick a number from 1-2000 (depends on your preference) and let them PM you their number

2. Once you get their Number, start posting in your wall with format, Pound sign (#) + their number + random facts about that user. Example,
#0302 You are beautiful inside and out.

Now check these "The Number Game" responses for bugITs author, Mark M. Monta

INTERESTING RESPONSES, here they are.....

Not so Interesting but FUNNY responses, here they are....

This viral Meme was launched by Preston Millen a student from Arkansas State University who confirmed that he has no intention or motive on the project which he named 'The Numbers Game’ but He was only got inspired to other viral project entitled "Cartoon Craze"

Preston Millen

Facebook Number Game tried to reach 1 million last 2010 but failed. Per Washington Post, "It has all the makings of a smash-hit trend: It plays off people's love of finding out secrets about themselves. It has the mystery to make people wonder what they're missing out on. And requires little effort."

What do you think?

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