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So what's the future of USB Storage device? Post-it notes are on queue! Based from New Delhi, India, Designer Aditi Singh and university professor Parag Anand, are currently developing Paper-thin Datastickies (Data-that-sticks). They are built using from a super-strong, conductive material called graphene - made from a layer of carbon atoms - and will be available in sizes up to 32GB.

So how do Datastickies work? Here are some features.

DESIGN: Imagine carrying data like carrying a stack of sticky notes.
REDEFINE: Storing, transferring and retrieving digital data.
EASE: Easy peeling from the stack (ODTS). dataSTICKIES are envisioned to be stuck anywhere on the proposed ODTS (Optical Data Transfer Surface) in multiple numbers with their low tack conductive adhesive that transfers digital data.
EXPERIENCE: Sharing, expandability and usability like never before. Low tack multiuse conductive adhesive allows stacking together for increased capacity and enables carrying multiple dataStickes together.
COHERENCE: To personalize for volume, kind and attributes.

Indeed, Datastickies have futuristic design concept for Graphene based flash drives that may replace USB devices. Source:

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